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When I make these I use all chocolate chips. I am philosophically opposed to white chocolate. Ha! I get no complaints.


Why would I order a five-pound bag of Italian flour when I only need 3 tablespoons? That would be a lifetime supply. I'm going to try with regular flour ...


I used regular sugar, all-purpose flour, and chocolate chips. They were delicious. Ice cream would be a good addition.


I liked this a lot. 4.5 stars. It's a little too sweet--I would use 2/3 c sugar and 3/4 tsp expression powder. Finally, I think six servings instead of four would be better. The problem then is the baking time. 20 min was perfect.


I reduced the recipe for two: 2 oz. butter in a glass measuring cup microwaved until melted, stirred in 1/2 cup 60% cacao chips, which melted perfectly in the residual heat, then 1/3 cup regular sugar. Stirred well, set aside until after dinner. After dinner, I shook 1 egg in a small glass jar, added the "beaten" egg and 1 1/2 tablespoon Wondra flour to the chocolate mixture in the measuring cup, poured it in to the ramekins. Perfect with peppermint ice cream. A keeper!

Bob Morgen

This is, basically, the Jean-Georges Vongerichten recipe for Molten Choc Cakes. Except Nigella spares us the effort of unmolding them, which is a good idea since the unmolding too often leads to presentational disasters. The other difference from the JGV version is this is cooked longer at a lower temperature (his recipe is 7-9 min at 450F). The problem with the hotter oven is that it is really easy to cook the thing all the way through (still tasty but not molten). So I prefer NL's method.


Espresso. Darn that spell check.


I think the information about the KAF Italian 00 flour is outdated. The "Italian Style" flour is now $7.95 for a 3 lb. bag.

From looking at their website, it's a low-protein (8.5%), finely milled flour. Wondra or some other "instant" flour or cake flour might be a better substitute than AP.

If you do spring for the KAF 00, it does have other uses, as noted below. Pasta, crackers, in gravy, pizza, etc.


Love these. I use 70% or higher chocolate and skip the white stuff. Very chocolaty and rich.
Wegmans sells 00 flour in the store for a couple of bucks (great to keep on hand for pizza crust).


I have made these many times for guests. I always serve them with ice cream or whipped cream on the side because they are intensely chocolate. I don't do the white chocolate chips and maybe that's why I need something to cut the chocolate.


Could you use a glass pie plate instead of individual ramekins, then cut into wedges?
What would the cooking time be?


00 flour makes the best pizza crust. Yes, I know that all purpose also works, but if you had 00, tried it in pizza, you would be a happy person!

Mary MacIntosh

keep extra flour in the freezer!


From the Jamie Oliver website:

"Carol Field in the Italian Baker recommends that you mix 1 part pastry flour with 3 parts all purpose to make a substitute 00"

C. Collier

I use brown sugar; not white sugar. I add pecans; not white choc. chips. And I add 2 teaspoons of instant granular coffee. Serve with vanilla ice cream.


I’ve been making this recipe for years. Nigella demonstrated these Choco-Hoto Pots years ago on her old Food Network show. It doesn’t get any better than this recipe. I don’t even like chocolate but omg these little chocolate pots are heavenly.

Nancy Kelleher

Great with espresso chips instead of white chocolate chips. It’s a large serving given how rich it is, and that’s from someone who often can’t resist seconds.


Re question about making in glass pie pan instead of individual ramekins, my mother made a very similar recipe poured into greased, floured 8” pie pan, baked 15 mins at 350. Won’t look done. Only difference is she used unsweet bakers chocolate and 1 cup sugar plus 1 tsp vanilla. Oh, and regular flour. Gooey and heavenly!

Susan H.

I used gluten free flour and cut the sugar to 1/2 cup. And I replaced the white chocolate chips with 1/2 pint raspberries. Very successful.


At my family's request, I omitted the white chocolate chips. They aren't needed. Even without them, the end result is a gooey chocolate dream. Since there are three of us, there is always one left over. It can be stored overnight in the fridge and reheated in the microwave at lunch, with excellent results. My family begs me for them.


I've made this multiple times and it's been delicious. I have a question though - what can I use as an egg substitute for someone with an egg allergy? Any suggestions?


I made this last night, with bittersweet chocolate chips and regular flour and sugar. It was surprisingly easy to put together on short notice. The white chocolate chips were a little much--I'll omit them the next time. It was a huge hit with everyone at the table.


This works with regular, old, American-style sugar and flour. I never add extra chocolate chips to fold in- it's delicious as is, like those molten chocolate cakes you get in restaurants, but much better than most. I've had success halving the recipe and making a quite large, single serving in a mug (a big mug). It's an awesome late-night treat when all you want is loud, glorious chocolate.


Can these be made ahead? Mixed and put in fridge until time to bake?


Very rich. Make as 8 smaller servings.


Half the recipe for two. No white chocolate. Less sugar.
Plus espresso powder. Eat warm.


Quick and delicious.


This tasted great piping hot and at room temperature. It was also yummy cold from the fridge the next day (although a little tricky to eat; best to leave it out for 10 minutes or so before digging in). Very rich, though—agree that it should be 6 servings, not four. As is, you're consuming two tablespoons of butter in each serving.


Can someone tell me where I can get these ramekins? Thanks


My Grandkids loved it, I am going to blog it on their request. personally even though it was yum... I felt sick after wolfing it down. So so rich. Also had to soak the ramekins overnight to clean them. Set like glue. Think may the white chocolate was responsible for that
Apparently they want me to make it again, I may omit the white chocolate or cut it down a bit

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Choco-Hoto-Pots Recipe (2024)


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